Lynn Wedewer explains her story, part II, on Green Central Station

This is part II of the Green Central Station radio show transcript.

****************** PART 2 *********************

Sorry about that Lynnice, little technical difficulty. – Mike

We had a little technical difficulty there, Lynnice. I wanted to set that up as a Q & A session there (part 1), but I think we got through it all right, I got the questions answered I wanted from you.

“Ok, and um, some, you didn’t ask about one thing, that you might want to know about.”

Bring it. – Ray

“And that is, what were our restrictions?”

What were your restrictions? – Ray

“We did, obviously, have some restrictions, it wasn’t many, but, one, we could not smokei t with anyone. Two, we could not distribute it in any way shape or form to anyone. Three, we could not smoke it and drive at the same time. Now, if we needed to take our medicine, we could pull over to the side of the road, and then take our dosage, but then, the car must be stopped during that time period, however, we could drive after we were done, there was no restriction for that. This is because it did not affect the way you drove, like alcohol does.”

Yes, they don’t want you consuming it while you were operating – Ray

Yeah. – Mike

Ray con’t: just because there might be some distraction, or the odor, or a, a number of reasons. — Ray


How was the presc… Jeff

“You didn’t ask a little more about the protections. Um, I told you that we were guarded, not only by state, but by federal laws as well. Some of the protections werw as follows. Number one, we could not be arrested for smoking, eating, consuming, buying, growing, or possession of cannabis.”

Wow. – Jeff

“If we were arrested, all we had to do was show one of our current medical papers that proved that we were therapeutically using, you know, cannabis for cancer, and don’t think that I didn’t have people at my door trying. As I said, I actually had a couple of governmental people that could actually witness this, they could not touch me.”

So they actually made some attempts to try to do something legally to you and it never worked? – Mike

“No, no, it did not work, and they had to leave right away, and they never actually did try to even pull….um, they could only detain us as long as it was enough to see this, or they could call our doctor, I had one actually call my doctor, to verify at the time – you know, had knowledge, that, um, that I used cannabis, for my cancer, you know, as a prescription and he said yes he did.”

When you told me of the five individuals in the original study, didn’t you mention that a couple actually took the pill form? – Ray

“We had a choice. Then again, it was all about our choice, and um, and our freedom in this, and that’s what we were protected in all of it, not like today in where, you know, you have to be on chemo, or be on radiatino, they realized we needed it because, for instance, specifically me, my body couldn’t stop cancer production on it’s own. Your brain naturally secretes cannabinoids, on it’s own…”

Yes. – Jeff

“…and they don’t secrete properly. There’s actually a couple that actually governs, cancer growth, and cancer production. And because my two cannabinioids have been destroyed by the SB-40 vaccine as a child, which is why I was vaccine injured, with, cancer…”

Right. – Jeff.

“…because of that, it shut down those two cannabinoids…”

Mmmm-hmmm. – Jeff
“…and in my brain, so they didn’t secrete, so I could no longer, at that point in time, ever again, at the age of 14, stop cancer production, or growth, my bodies on it’s own. It would always require me to take, those cannabinoids into my body, to replace them.”

What was your prescribed dosage to take? –Jeff

“Back then? Back then, it was, um, an ounce a week. It was kinda funny how, he prescribed it to me. He said, “One good size dealer’s joint,” and he holded up his index finger…”

Right. – Jeff

“…and he says “About that size” and he says “Once every four hours.”

Four hours? – Jeff

“Oh yeah. Oh yeah, while I was awake. They have to get a good amount in you to, start overtaking the cancer. Now today, actually, now today actually they’ve doubled my prescription because of the fact that I have been on it now for thirty years.”

Well, today’s Federal IND Patients, it’s written to smoke one joint, every hour, as needed. – Jeff

Alright, ten a day, is what they say, they figure you’re going to be awake for ten hours, so it’s basically the same, but it’s, they’re saying, one fat one, what did the doctor call it? A dealer’s joint? – Ray

“Right. A dealer’s joint.”

A dealer’s joint, hahaha! He’s taking it to the street! – Ray

And the program gave you the ability to grow your own, because they wanted to guarantee access? – Mike

“They wanted to guarantee access, that was the whole thing.”

Exactly! It’s the need basis, the need basis. – Ray

“Now, here’s the key. The pure, pureness of it. Because of the things that, were out on the street, were tainted or cut. Because, it also has seeds. See, that was the other problem with the study. Was, sometimes we’d get, like gold, or panama red, but other times we’d get this really seedy, like, not very good stuff, it almost makes you think, like, that they were using, like, marijuana off of drug busts.”

Right! See, that’s what I was thinking, like, maybe the Iowa City, got some of the confiscated weed from around there, so it was kind of varied, with what you guys got. – Ray

Either that or it was from Mississippi. – Jeff

“That’s kind of what I was thinking, because there was so many different varieties going around, like, the same kind.”

See, like you and I were talking about the other night, they’ve had ongoing studies on marijuana at the University of Iowa, even just like the students… — Ray

“Yes they have. Yes they have. That’s what I’ve been trying to tell you!”

Well, tell us! – Ray

“Well, that’s the deal, you know, they, they never stopped. As a matter of fact, this time, they said, and this was so funny, I guess, because some of my new doctors, and that’s the problem, all these doctors and nurses that don’t really, read, back on your, medical records, and then fortunately I have two great big huge notebooks, probably a couple inches thick, because I’ve been a cancer patient off and on my life.”

Right. – Jeff

“So then they came in, and they’re like, we, we’ll give you your cannabis back, if you do radiation or chemo on it, and I said wait a minute, give me it back only for what? You need to go back and look at my medical records again, because, my medical records say, that I’m legal for a lot, so I don’t have to take your chemo, or your radiation, to do this, and I said that as a matter of fact, if you look at my records and really knew me as a patient, you would realize already that, I’m highly allergic to chemotherapy, you’ve tried like, five to seven times, and it caused heart failure and you had to reverse it every time.”

Well my God what do these doctors… — Jeff

“Off brand, all of these things, I’m highly allergic to them, it caused heart failure in me. And all of these treaments, I had, when I was fourteen years old!”

Well, how do these new doctors react when they don’t know this, and you tell them this? — Jeff

“Well, I was very angry about it, actually, because it told me that they really hadn’t taken the time to get to know my case, how could they prescribe to me, when, they didn’t even realize, I was allergic to them, I was like, oh my God, and so, I really, I really have to say, I loved my heart doctor up there, he’s the professor of the heart department, and, he’s just the greatest doctor in the world, and, he asked me why I was so mad, and I said because of what they said, and he goes, “You know, we’re going to put it at the front of your file.” So this way, it’s on every page, at every visit…”

There you go. – Jeff

“…so that way, nobody can dispute it, nobody needs to go look anywhere, it’s just done. And that’s something, it was just, just respect, like I saaid, we had, the freedom.”

Yup. That’s what we want, is freedom. – Ray

Yes, the freedom. – Jeff

Now, me and Mike were talking about that, it’s like, we’re trying to get them, like, some type of officials at the Board of Pharmacy to acknowledge or validate this program… Ray

Yeah, we went there, talking to them… — Mike

Is this strictly at the University of Iowa? Is it the only one where we can, try to recover something? I don’t know. –Ray

“The University of Iowa was where all the studies that I was in were done.”

But, the clause that was granted, into the lawbooks, was granted through the Board of Pharmacy? – Ray

“I…assume so? I’m not quite sure, all we know is what they said, they said that we were, you know, the 1979 law in Iowa, and they said, we were not only covered by state, but federal.”

And like you say, and like Baudler’s thing went in, if it just stripped the Board of Pharmacy rulemaking and all of that, then it would take away any uh, any privilege you have, or whatever? – Ray

“That’s what I said, I want to be grandfathered in, under my current rights, because they’re telling you guys, that you might, if it passes, you might be able to grow six plants, however do they tell you that if you plant six plants do they tell you that three of those for sure will be male and you’ll have to pull them and throw them away?”

Exactly, yeah. – Jeff

“Ok, they don’t understand, they’ve, never done this, I’ve had to legally for 30 years, whether I’ve wanted to or not. You know I had to get to a point in my life, I think it’s important to understand that, becaues I think that so many people, are quote unquote a druggie, and that they WANT to d othis, they’re craving it. Look, I have quit, and started, more times than Carter has pills, in the thirty years. And, I quit, because of the stupid stigma behind it! Because everybody thinks, oh, you’re this and you’re that, and that’s why my family had to keep it a secret.”

You have to! – Jeff

“But, at the same point in time, you know, I was legal, I shouldn’t have had to feel that way, which is, a life saving thing for me.”

That’s right, and that’s why you’re coming forward, to save lives. – Ray

“Exactly! And because, when I quit, I got cancer again. And you’ll see that in my medical records. The times I kept getting cancer quicker?”

Yep. – Jeff

“That was because I wasn’t smoking. But then you’ll see these, great big gaps, towards the end, of my life, and that was because I was smoking while we got the flood in 2008 and we got cut off.”

The flood! In Cedar Rapids! –Everyone

“Oh God, 29 feet of water, we got hit hard, so we were flood survivors, we were cut off, we couldn’t get anywhere. So we’re right down on K street, so, you know, we’ve got the river, and the bridges, and we can’t get anywhere.”

Ok, hey, Lynnice, we, we’re sorry, we’re going to have you as a guest again on the show, me and Mike, we’re going to drive up to Cedar Rapids… — Ray

Yes we are. – Mike

…we’re going to get together. This is going forward, we got twenty seconds left, before we go into the last break, I wanna…go ahead Lynnice, is there something you’d like to say? — Ray

“There’s something you didn’t ask that I know you watned to talk about real quick. You wanted to talk about, um, why the Pharmacy didn’t do anything about it, or why they’re claiming they didn’t.”

Ok, stay on the line, we’re going to bring you back after the break, k? – Ray

“Ok, I think that’s really important, and it’s real quick.”

Ok, we’ll keep you on the rest of the show Lynnice… — Ray

“And I also have an idea about that.”

Well, I’m all about ideas, Lynnette. — Ray


Part III will be up sometime later this week.



One thought on “Lynn Wedewer explains her story, part II, on Green Central Station

  1. Shame on Carl Olsen for riding on the back of the sick and dying Iowans just so he can relive his coptic days of hymns,paryers and ganja.

    Being a former Iowan I am constantly reminded from the blind back in Iowa how great Carl is and all the hard work he has done in the last 20 years.

    My response to that, why hasn’t his focus been on somekind of decrim effort? Then I remind them with Carl Oldson,it is all or nothing with him. In the last 20 years, that’s what Iowa has,nothing.

    Pathetic he would’ve never had case against the board of pharmacy, their rule making had nothing to do with him. Let the people be the judge of him, why have so many of the medical marijuana patients back in Iowa distanced themselves from him?

    As for proof she owes you nothing,GCS owes you nothin, can’t handle the truth Carl?Medical marijuana in Iowa is not your show, your baby and the patients are not your people or family.

    Posted by 303Exodus | March 10, 2011, 3:40 pm

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