Lynn Wedewer explains her story, part II, on Green Central Station

This is part II of the Green Central Station radio show transcript.

****************** PART 2 *********************

Sorry about that Lynnice, little technical difficulty. – Mike

We had a little technical difficulty there, Lynnice. I wanted to set that up as a Q & A session there (part 1), but I think we got through it all right, I got the questions answered I wanted from you.

“Ok, and um, some, you didn’t ask about one thing, that you might want to know about.”

Bring it. – Ray

“And that is, what were our restrictions?”

What were your restrictions? – Ray

“We did, obviously, have some restrictions, it wasn’t many, but, one, we could not smokei t with anyone. Two, we could not distribute it in any way shape or form to anyone. Three, we could not smoke it and drive at the same time. Now, if we needed to take our medicine, we could pull over to the side of the road, and then take our dosage, but then, the car must be stopped during that time period, however, we could drive after we were done, there was no restriction for that. This is because it did not affect the way you drove, like alcohol does.”

Yes, they don’t want you consuming it while you were operating – Ray

Yeah. – Mike

Ray con’t: just because there might be some distraction, or the odor, or a, a number of reasons. — Ray


How was the presc… Jeff

“You didn’t ask a little more about the protections. Um, I told you that we were guarded, not only by state, but by federal laws as well. Some of the protections werw as follows. Number one, we could not be arrested for smoking, eating, consuming, buying, growing, or possession of cannabis.”

Wow. – Jeff

“If we were arrested, all we had to do was show one of our current medical papers that proved that we were therapeutically using, you know, cannabis for cancer, and don’t think that I didn’t have people at my door trying. As I said, I actually had a couple of governmental people that could actually witness this, they could not touch me.”

So they actually made some attempts to try to do something legally to you and it never worked? – Mike

“No, no, it did not work, and they had to leave right away, and they never actually did try to even pull….um, they could only detain us as long as it was enough to see this, or they could call our doctor, I had one actually call my doctor, to verify at the time – you know, had knowledge, that, um, that I used cannabis, for my cancer, you know, as a prescription and he said yes he did.”

When you told me of the five individuals in the original study, didn’t you mention that a couple actually took the pill form? – Ray

“We had a choice. Then again, it was all about our choice, and um, and our freedom in this, and that’s what we were protected in all of it, not like today in where, you know, you have to be on chemo, or be on radiatino, they realized we needed it because, for instance, specifically me, my body couldn’t stop cancer production on it’s own. Your brain naturally secretes cannabinoids, on it’s own…”

Yes. – Jeff

“…and they don’t secrete properly. There’s actually a couple that actually governs, cancer growth, and cancer production. And because my two cannabinioids have been destroyed by the SB-40 vaccine as a child, which is why I was vaccine injured, with, cancer…”

Right. – Jeff.

“…because of that, it shut down those two cannabinoids…”

Mmmm-hmmm. – Jeff
“…and in my brain, so they didn’t secrete, so I could no longer, at that point in time, ever again, at the age of 14, stop cancer production, or growth, my bodies on it’s own. It would always require me to take, those cannabinoids into my body, to replace them.”

What was your prescribed dosage to take? –Jeff

“Back then? Back then, it was, um, an ounce a week. It was kinda funny how, he prescribed it to me. He said, “One good size dealer’s joint,” and he holded up his index finger…”

Right. – Jeff

“…and he says “About that size” and he says “Once every four hours.”

Four hours? – Jeff

“Oh yeah. Oh yeah, while I was awake. They have to get a good amount in you to, start overtaking the cancer. Now today, actually, now today actually they’ve doubled my prescription because of the fact that I have been on it now for thirty years.”

Well, today’s Federal IND Patients, it’s written to smoke one joint, every hour, as needed. – Jeff

Alright, ten a day, is what they say, they figure you’re going to be awake for ten hours, so it’s basically the same, but it’s, they’re saying, one fat one, what did the doctor call it? A dealer’s joint? – Ray

“Right. A dealer’s joint.”

A dealer’s joint, hahaha! He’s taking it to the street! – Ray

And the program gave you the ability to grow your own, because they wanted to guarantee access? – Mike

“They wanted to guarantee access, that was the whole thing.”

Exactly! It’s the need basis, the need basis. – Ray

“Now, here’s the key. The pure, pureness of it. Because of the things that, were out on the street, were tainted or cut. Because, it also has seeds. See, that was the other problem with the study. Was, sometimes we’d get, like gold, or panama red, but other times we’d get this really seedy, like, not very good stuff, it almost makes you think, like, that they were using, like, marijuana off of drug busts.”

Right! See, that’s what I was thinking, like, maybe the Iowa City, got some of the confiscated weed from around there, so it was kind of varied, with what you guys got. – Ray

Either that or it was from Mississippi. – Jeff

“That’s kind of what I was thinking, because there was so many different varieties going around, like, the same kind.”

See, like you and I were talking about the other night, they’ve had ongoing studies on marijuana at the University of Iowa, even just like the students… — Ray

“Yes they have. Yes they have. That’s what I’ve been trying to tell you!”

Well, tell us! – Ray

“Well, that’s the deal, you know, they, they never stopped. As a matter of fact, this time, they said, and this was so funny, I guess, because some of my new doctors, and that’s the problem, all these doctors and nurses that don’t really, read, back on your, medical records, and then fortunately I have two great big huge notebooks, probably a couple inches thick, because I’ve been a cancer patient off and on my life.”

Right. – Jeff

“So then they came in, and they’re like, we, we’ll give you your cannabis back, if you do radiation or chemo on it, and I said wait a minute, give me it back only for what? You need to go back and look at my medical records again, because, my medical records say, that I’m legal for a lot, so I don’t have to take your chemo, or your radiation, to do this, and I said that as a matter of fact, if you look at my records and really knew me as a patient, you would realize already that, I’m highly allergic to chemotherapy, you’ve tried like, five to seven times, and it caused heart failure and you had to reverse it every time.”

Well my God what do these doctors… — Jeff

“Off brand, all of these things, I’m highly allergic to them, it caused heart failure in me. And all of these treaments, I had, when I was fourteen years old!”

Well, how do these new doctors react when they don’t know this, and you tell them this? — Jeff

“Well, I was very angry about it, actually, because it told me that they really hadn’t taken the time to get to know my case, how could they prescribe to me, when, they didn’t even realize, I was allergic to them, I was like, oh my God, and so, I really, I really have to say, I loved my heart doctor up there, he’s the professor of the heart department, and, he’s just the greatest doctor in the world, and, he asked me why I was so mad, and I said because of what they said, and he goes, “You know, we’re going to put it at the front of your file.” So this way, it’s on every page, at every visit…”

There you go. – Jeff

“…so that way, nobody can dispute it, nobody needs to go look anywhere, it’s just done. And that’s something, it was just, just respect, like I saaid, we had, the freedom.”

Yup. That’s what we want, is freedom. – Ray

Yes, the freedom. – Jeff

Now, me and Mike were talking about that, it’s like, we’re trying to get them, like, some type of officials at the Board of Pharmacy to acknowledge or validate this program… Ray

Yeah, we went there, talking to them… — Mike

Is this strictly at the University of Iowa? Is it the only one where we can, try to recover something? I don’t know. –Ray

“The University of Iowa was where all the studies that I was in were done.”

But, the clause that was granted, into the lawbooks, was granted through the Board of Pharmacy? – Ray

“I…assume so? I’m not quite sure, all we know is what they said, they said that we were, you know, the 1979 law in Iowa, and they said, we were not only covered by state, but federal.”

And like you say, and like Baudler’s thing went in, if it just stripped the Board of Pharmacy rulemaking and all of that, then it would take away any uh, any privilege you have, or whatever? – Ray

“That’s what I said, I want to be grandfathered in, under my current rights, because they’re telling you guys, that you might, if it passes, you might be able to grow six plants, however do they tell you that if you plant six plants do they tell you that three of those for sure will be male and you’ll have to pull them and throw them away?”

Exactly, yeah. – Jeff

“Ok, they don’t understand, they’ve, never done this, I’ve had to legally for 30 years, whether I’ve wanted to or not. You know I had to get to a point in my life, I think it’s important to understand that, becaues I think that so many people, are quote unquote a druggie, and that they WANT to d othis, they’re craving it. Look, I have quit, and started, more times than Carter has pills, in the thirty years. And, I quit, because of the stupid stigma behind it! Because everybody thinks, oh, you’re this and you’re that, and that’s why my family had to keep it a secret.”

You have to! – Jeff

“But, at the same point in time, you know, I was legal, I shouldn’t have had to feel that way, which is, a life saving thing for me.”

That’s right, and that’s why you’re coming forward, to save lives. – Ray

“Exactly! And because, when I quit, I got cancer again. And you’ll see that in my medical records. The times I kept getting cancer quicker?”

Yep. – Jeff

“That was because I wasn’t smoking. But then you’ll see these, great big gaps, towards the end, of my life, and that was because I was smoking while we got the flood in 2008 and we got cut off.”

The flood! In Cedar Rapids! –Everyone

“Oh God, 29 feet of water, we got hit hard, so we were flood survivors, we were cut off, we couldn’t get anywhere. So we’re right down on K street, so, you know, we’ve got the river, and the bridges, and we can’t get anywhere.”

Ok, hey, Lynnice, we, we’re sorry, we’re going to have you as a guest again on the show, me and Mike, we’re going to drive up to Cedar Rapids… — Ray

Yes we are. – Mike

…we’re going to get together. This is going forward, we got twenty seconds left, before we go into the last break, I wanna…go ahead Lynnice, is there something you’d like to say? — Ray

“There’s something you didn’t ask that I know you watned to talk about real quick. You wanted to talk about, um, why the Pharmacy didn’t do anything about it, or why they’re claiming they didn’t.”

Ok, stay on the line, we’re going to bring you back after the break, k? – Ray

“Ok, I think that’s really important, and it’s real quick.”

Ok, we’ll keep you on the rest of the show Lynnice… — Ray

“And I also have an idea about that.”

Well, I’m all about ideas, Lynnette. — Ray


Part III will be up sometime later this week.



17 thoughts on “Lynn Wedewer explains her story, part II, on Green Central Station

  1. I’m looking forward to part 3 where they make some conclusions based on this interview. As I remember, Mike says something like the state has had a secret medical marijuana program for 32 years, like it was some kind of cover up just now being exposed. I’m guessing the only difference between Lynn and the other two legal medical marijuana patients in Iowa is that Lynn has never told her story before and George and Barbara have been telling theirs since the day they got into the federal (not state) program. The only thing new about this story is that we have 3, not 2, legal medical marijuana patients in Iowa. I’ll admit that is news, but not a startling revelation.

    Posted by Carl Olsen | March 8, 2011, 6:09 am
  2. This story did not deserve to see the light of day until she provides evidence to support what she is claiming. Shame on Green Central Station for running with this before they know what is really going on. Green Central Station sets the standard for cheap, sensationaiistic, tabloid journalism.

    Posted by Carl Olsen | March 8, 2011, 3:33 pm
  3. Shame on Carl Olsen for riding on the back of the sick and dying Iowans just so he can relive his coptic days of hymns,paryers and ganja.

    Being a former Iowan I am constantly reminded from the blind back in Iowa how great Carl is and all the hard work he has done in the last 20 years.

    My response to that, why hasn’t his focus been on somekind of decrim effort? Then I remind them with Carl Oldson,it is all or nothing with him. In the last 20 years, that’s what Iowa has,nothing.

    Pathetic he would’ve never had case against the board of pharmacy, their rule making had nothing to do with him. Let the people be the judge of him, why have so many of the medical marijuana patients back in Iowa distanced themselves from him?

    As for proof she owes you nothing,GCS owes you nothin, can’t handle the truth Carl?Medical marijuana in Iowa is not your show, your baby and the patients are not your people or family.

    Posted by 303Exodus | March 10, 2011, 3:40 pm
    • I filed the petition with the Iowa Board of Pharmacy to reclassify marijuana as medicine here in Iowa. The board voted 7-0 to reclassify it. All you did was leave the state like the GCS boys are always offering as their solution to this situation. Looks like birds of a feather flock together to me. I’m glad you left.

      Posted by Carl Olsen | March 11, 2011, 5:29 am
    • Carl, Where have you been this whole time since I gave my written testimony? You are just mad I did not come to you first as if I owed you this. Get over it. Everyone who read my 20 page written testimony did see some proof there were images of some of my medical records in that testimony. I have nothing to hide and have been forth right and earnest in all of this.

      Grow up I am sick of your heckling, you are acting like a two year old. I owe you personally nothing nor do I have any intent to assist you Personally speaking I believe you owe me a direct public apology for your comments. In your show you were leading your guest last week into hinting that I may get arrested or convicted, You claimed there was one such individual (me) on green central station interview that fit that.

      I am appalled at your comments and even more shocked you still are continuing you line of harassment. I did not go by a doctor who wished it for me, I was in a research study. Why would I lie. With your attitude and my personal legal rights if you are not careful I will ensure you never see some of those records. Do you understand me my friend.

      I do not take kindly the way you are trying to cheapen this in any way shape or form. It is disgusting, especially when you have direct knowledge I have cancer and are not suppose to be under any stress, it can kill me. Do you get this? When it is unduly deserved you should be ashamed of yourself. I wonder what most people must think of this very thing. From working on the platform committee with you included, you would think by now you would know me better then that. I always offer proof, back it up, and make direct changes that is what I am known for.

      Stop the playground antics you look like a two year old stomping your feet over something that already has been given briefly. I owe you personally nothing. I can make sure you never gain access to any of this paper work which would ruin it for everyone but legislators and I can bind them because we were all children. I can open them up for their eyes only. Again I owe you nothing and beholding to no one.

      I had to raise my own children, whom act better then you have the past week. Sad really. Remember I let go how many comments here, to allow you your undue rant, until you continued to act out of hate. I am sorry if you did not see any of the brief proof I DID offer, that is unfortunate, but does not excuse school like big bully tactics. Do you think this somehow gives you respect by others, if so you are sadly mistaken. In doing this to someone with this diagnosis only takes away anything you accomplish with bad behavior.

      How dare you, go back to your corner and learn how to behave, I know your mother taught you better then this. You where the one arrested for not an ounce, not a pound, rather tons of cannabis. I have not been arrested once…. yet police have been at my door and left. Enough said.. Good grief and good day.

      Posted by Lynnice Wedewer | March 13, 2011, 12:01 am
      • Lynn, I asked you to send me documents last year and told you I could not help you without knowing what law makes it legal for you to use marijuana in Iowa. So, yes, if you can’t show me any documentation, then I do have a concern for your safety. I’m not going to apologize to you for asking for evidence. Grow up.

        Posted by Carl Olsen | March 13, 2011, 12:28 pm
      • The issue here is that you told me last year that my efforts to have marijuana classified as schedule II and remove that meaningless rulemaking language was going to interfere with your right to use marijuana legally in Iowa. I never disputed that you were using marijuana legally.

        I know the law allows people to use marijuana legally in Iowa if they have federal approval. It always has, since the law was writtn, July 1, 1971. We have two patients like that in Iowa now. They have testified in court hearings and testified at the Iowa Board of Pharmacy hearings in 2009.

        I asked you to show me evidence that reclassification of marijuana to schedule II and repealing the rulemaking language would interfere with your legal right to use marijuana. You haven’t done that, and because of that I haven’t done anything about it.

        You’ve twisted this around to accuse me of saying you have no legal right to use marijuana, which is something I’ve never said. What I have said is that you’ve been accusing me of trying to kill you for the past year and never given me a shred of evidence to explain what you are talking about.

        You are making serious accusations against me and you need to stop.

        Posted by Carl Olsen | March 13, 2011, 12:41 pm
      • Quote: Lynn, I asked you to send me documents last year and told you I could not help you without knowing what law makes it legal for you to use marijuana in Iowa. So, yes, if you can’t show me any documentation, then I do have a concern for your safety. I’m not going to apologize to you for asking for evidence. Grow up.

        Response: You never asked you have always demanded. You have no legal rights and we have legal privacy protection. You have no legal rights to those papers. I only feel obliged because of your attitude to in a private disclosure to legislators only in proving my case and the people of Iowa’s. You act as if I need you to do this in front of people. In fact you only want them for your own private reasoning’s to see how you can use it to your personal advantage. I am not blind. If anyone reading this plays into your pity party they have not sat back and listened to you rant and rave. You make your own self look like a lair in your last show. You acted as if I had no right to be concerned by your comments. In fact the reason I called is because you were very close to calling me a lair: Let me refresh your memory to the opening comments before I called in there are:

        The time into your program and the comments before I called were as follows: Listen to your own show to hear how misleading you sound and how you turn around after I am off the phone and continue to make yourself look like a complete fool. You directly lie while I am on the phone to state you did not state what you said and is typed up below to remind you of what that was minus a few um’s and ah’s.

        18: 12

        Guest Carl’s Cannabis Show: Someone who is arrested for using.. someone physician says, “I can’ t prescribe marijuana but… ah ya no ah.. that is one thing may help you.” Then they go out and get marijuana and it helps them.

        Carl states: There was someone on Green Central Station yesterday that fits that description.

        Guest Carl’s Cannabis Show: Right!

        Carl: Chuckles

        Guest Carl’s Cannabis Show: Yea and they end up getting arrested and then you bring that case ya know it is going to take between them getting arrested and getting convicted in what ever state they are in before the United States Supreme court

        Carl: We do have a couple people here in Iowa that have actually been approved by the federal government to use marijuana, that is probably one of them calling in now.

        Now as you see the reason I called was to clear up these facts. In fact I did offer a modality of proof in my testimony, then honorably signed medical releases to obtain that which is there but not in my possession yet. I have not lied or mislead anyone to these facts. I have already signed these releases and the records are arriving. I have showed nothing but complete honorability in all of this. You are making yourself look very badly, the sad part is you cannot see it for yourself and need someone to even point it out for you to notice.

        Your comments are in error and are misleading. demand you cease and desist or at bare minimum refrain from commenting on my case, my testimony, or anything to do with me in such a light or in fact in anyway shape or form. If not and you breech my legal rights or slander me one more time you may find yourself in court or brought up with legal charges.

        These are not just your opinions you are making direct jabs at me for no reason other then you feel directly threatened by my presence in this. I can understand because I can shut this all down by recommending it gets thrown out because you have not addressed any of my legal rights. You should be thankful I am willing to work with this through an amendment process otherwise I will fight directly against you. Is this what you want? This is what you are attempting to force this past year. This is not about you or about me. Stopping bringing it down to this. This is big bully playground tactics, we are adults I suggest you grow up and deal with it.

        It is my interest to help the individuals in Iowa and federal while maintaining my rights as they currently are, however you are the only one making this difficult. Is there a reason I should not protect myself at the same time, should I just lay down and die so you get what you want. You show no respect to those who came before that even made it possible for you to even work on anything. You want the credit for achieving this, I do not care to have any, however my history is important in this. Put you comments in full regarding me in check. You have not honestly truthfully represented me, my case, or my testimony, let alone my interviews.

        In fact I do not remember asking you to represent me in anyway. Why would I, I am far more capable of doing this myself. I will not do this back and forth reciprocal so you get what you want. I will only bring lawyers into it. Just who do you think you are anyway? So you wrote the bill, it does not mean you own it. Do you get this, I have written bills and amendments also, but never assumed that they were for anything less then helping the people in an area that needed better coverage and laws. period. No one should be beholding to you for this or feel obligated to give you whatever you want especially when you have no legal right in certain cases to even hear about it unless releases are given. Deal with this, it is your attitude that has brought it to this level.

        If you did not have a copy of my testimony that is your direct problem, but again I should state what right do you have to it or my legal records and so on? I wrote that to legislators not one Carl Olsen due to privacy rules and protection granted in law. Remember you admit you did not even want to hear what I had to say unless you got what you wanted for your own personal gain so you could see how it was done and so on. I am not blind and do not believe anyone who listens to you would contemplate this as a fact. I will not allow you to make me your ongoing content for your show so you have something to talk about. Be original and find another topic but again keep me out of your comments.

        Again legally speaking you have no right to have it UNLESS I give it to you out of free will. Why should I you mock the process you are claiming to protect or help. Why do you not want me in this is what people should ask themselves? They should also ask why you feel it is so important you have a copy of this, since you do not represent me in any way? The final question they should ask themselves is clear common sense, I have asked legislators for these protections and amendments, why do I have to even ask you for help when the people who can make a difference is legislation in fact not you in any way?

        So then we must all walk away with the knowledge as you stated “YOU want” YOU need” when actually it is all “You YOU YOU!” but again I challenge the fact that it is the people not one person named Carl Olsen. Where is your compassion you offer rather then mocking I have not seen any of it in regards to me ever.

        Do not feel the need to respond to this or any comments there in. This is only in fair response to the insane trail you are leaving on the internet so individuals can clearly see you as you are rather then through rosey covered glasses. Just because you wrote the bill gives you no humane right to treat anyone or even me in this manner.

        Again cease or desist on you current form of actions where my name is concerned or my case. Be very careful in any words you choose, other wise be advised, I will retain my team of lawyers and sue you for everything you have and leave you like the fool you present yourself as… uneducated where I am concerned. This is due to your attitude and how you present not only yourself (heckling the woman on the show you were in you spoke of last week before I came on the show) It appears you may also have issues with woman not just me?

        Did you hear or can you see how you sounded like nothing more then a big bully from 7th grade? Again I saw grow up and act like a real man. Back off or I will back you off. Be forewarned, my name or anything to do with me should reach you show as any part of your content you do not want to anger me, now you are only mildly annoying. Let’s keep this about the topic at hand legalizing cannabis for medical use period. No he said she said drama. Enough said.

        Posted by Lynnice Wedewer | March 13, 2011, 1:54 pm
      • Lynn, last year you told me the work I was doing was going to jeopardize your rights and asked me to do something about it. I asked you for evidence so I would know what was needed. You admit you have never given me any evidence. Anyone can say anything. I asked you to prove it, which you failed to do. If you are legal, good for you.

        Posted by Carl Olsen | March 13, 2011, 2:22 pm
      • Again, Lynn, you called me last year. I did not call you. You told me I was putting your life in jeopardy. I told you I did not know what you were talking about and to send me an explanation of exactly how I was hurting you. You didn’t do that. I agreed I would consider helping you if you could show me what you were talking about. You did not do that. I never said you are not a legal medical medical marijuana patient under both state and federal law. You could be. Both state and federal law allow the use of marijuana in Iowa and I know that because I’ve seen the evidence. The people I know using marijuana legally in Iowa have not hid that evidence from me. Nothing I’m doing will jeopardize them in any way, so I have to assume what I’m doing will not jeopardize you. If you have any evidence you want to show me that what I’m doing is going to jeopardize you in any way, then let me see it. Otherwise, my answer is the same as it was last year. I can’t help you if you won’t show me any evidence. You asked me to do something last year, and I still don’t know what it is you wanted me to do.

        Posted by Carl Olsen | March 13, 2011, 2:39 pm
      • Carl,

        Listen up I do not want to say this again. I DO NOT WANT YOUR HELP, I do not NEED IT, period. I am capable all by myself I have done this before and will do it again in the future.

        I can write legislators all on my own I am very adept at it. You are unreasonable. You want conflict and confrontation, I do not especially when you spout untruths about things you have no idea about.. I

        am not hiding anything as you imply but stating no one else legal has hidden it from you, again with your silly comparisons that do not apply in my case or story. Where do you make this stuff up in your mind?

        However because you are acting like a jerk and must have nothing better to do then harass me for being legal. I will however in a private forum show legislators. It falls under the category, none of your business, you get what you ask for, so simply deal with it.

        I want no part of you, I have requested you cease and desist and obviously with your self taught behind bars library position in a jail I might add, with this acquired legal knowledge you cannot get that I will have nothing to do with you because of your own actions. I hope the people are seeing the you behind the man while you are acting out like this. Sad really. You have no morals and lack true compassion when you know someone is dealing with cancer or any other disease for that matter. It shows by your manner and behaviors that you are not in this for the truth and others well being, which is clearly denoted by your actions towards me. It does not take a rocket scientist to figure this out. Good day.

        This subject discussion is gaining no one anything the topic should be closed except to any other positive comments.

        Carl has had his chance to voice his unrest because he did not get what he want4ed by stomping his foot. Now let others state their points if any. Good grief children. This is harrashment nothing short.

        Posted by Lynnice Wedewer | March 13, 2011, 4:24 pm
  4. It is not that you do not have a clue, you choose not to listen. I have stated for one year I want grand father wording. I will seek amendment for grand fathering wording and now in addition 3-4 additional points. To make sure you are in full understanding I will do this myself again I am not asking for your help or approval I am qualified to do this on my own and will. I know many of the legislators also and believe I have a strong case for doing so. I believe many of them may agree. Just because you don’t is pointless. This is not even a debate, it is my legal right to confront congress for grievances and have already begun. It is not in your hands to help or stop it.

    Posted by Lynnice Wedewer | March 13, 2011, 4:42 pm
    • I will listen to you. You can call me. You can e-mail me. You can leave comments on this blog. I still have no idea what you are asking the Iowa Legislature to do. I’ve never seen the “grand father” wording you want or any of the additional points you want. I haven’t had anything to do with writing the legislation currently pending in the Iowa Legislature. The only work I have done is to petition the Iowa Board of Pharmacy to recommend that marijuana be removed from schedule I because it has accepted medical use in the United States. You are saying it has medical use, so you can’t possibly disagree with removing marijuana from a classification that says it has no medical use. The Iowa Board of Pharmacy voted unanimously, 7-0, that marijuana does have medical use and they filed a bill to have it removed from schedule I. I think the fact that I filed the petition to have it removed from schedule I and they voted unanimously to do it means I have some legal talent, but maybe I’m just stupid lucky. I did not write that bill the pharmacy board filed and I have had absolutely no input on the bill that Senator Bolkcom filed. I would probably be unable to help you, even if I knew what you were asking for. If you ever need my help, just let me know. Otherwise, I’ll just wait to see the legislation you come up with. I wish you the best and I’m sorry I’m not the person you thought I was.

      Posted by Carl Olsen | March 14, 2011, 4:16 pm
    • You can ask Senator Bolkcom and he will tell you I had absolutely nothing to do with writing that bill. That bill is based on something the Marijuana Policy Project provided as a template and that’s all I know about it. The only work I have done with the Iowa Democratic Party is get a statement in the state platform that says, “We support medical marijuana.” That is extremely generic language. Senator Bolkcom is responsible for the details in that bill, not me. I agree with you, it’s not a perfect bill by any means.

      Posted by Carl Olsen | March 14, 2011, 4:42 pm
  5. Yes, I realize this Carl, but you lead me to believe you were last year by not clarifying this point earlier. Which was the only reason I came to you at all last year. This upcoming legislative session in 2012 I will personally write legislation for cannabis in many areas as a private bill writer.

    I will also indeed offer many new services and materials surrounding this matter. There are things not put into place on this topic here in Iowa I will fill these gaps to make these legislative bills more effective and easier to win. This is what I do for a living and most adapt at it as you know. I realize the reason you have not yet been effective and hope to turn that around.

    I have taught families around the world with autism how to do these very things and is no different with this topic. When I first learned of the fact that the original bill was being debated about I had to look first as the person the original bill was written for, then as an outsider looking in to see what was missing and maybe could be strengthened. This is what I do. Then I had to look at where the gaps were and what needed to be put into place.

    There are many things missing that would make this whole topic moveable and better understood. I am not sure why these things have not been put into place, but let’s just get it done. Carl you better then anyone knows, I know my stuff and quite effective at it. There are reasons for this.

    First and fore most we need to all work together and go into to this journey with new understandings if we are going to get this passed next year. I hope to work with all individuals suffering from their lack of medical cannabis and would be delighted to work with any group. I will offer them the proof I feel they may need to see or not see.

    I am hiding nothing but do not think the whole world needs to know my personal business. It is how I was brought up. I am not a young kid needing to have a trophy on my neck or a need to brag about my legal status as some may feel the need to. I am 48 years old and old enough to be comfortable with who I am.

    I am not interested in your debate over my proof that I clearly offered in my testimony to legislators. It is great that you have the Iowa Pharmacy Board admitting cannabis has medical benefits. Last year already the national pharmacy board already did, so it makes perfect sense that the Iowa Board would take the same stance. A good google search would clarify this. It is great that you fought at city, county, and state level to get the verbiage of statement in the state platform that says, “We support medical marijuana.”

    However you and I both realize that you need people on the republican side doing the same thing or you will be less effective. So those of you out there that are republican and support medical marijuana in 2012 get involved in your party. Go to the meetings and get on the platform committee and do the same thing. I think Carl has the democratic party covered.

    I will however schedule a private debate with legislators for the 2012 legislation session. Anyone wishing to speak at the debate should fill out the call for papers when it is released.

    In addition I will talk to 3 of our 4 US Legislators on this topic also. There is one US legislator I do not prefer to work with as I do not feel this person is honorable in setting forth the peoples best interest in the past or in the future. I know them well and will find time over the summer to speak to them each in person regarding this topic to gain their support federally.

    I do not care about the credit, I do care about the people. I believe the credit should go to every single person who has spoken out on this topic which is were it belongs because all of their effects as a whole is what gets the job done. So are we ready to all work together, put all our pieces together, come at this from a new angle, show the legislation we are serious and want to be taken serious? Then let’s get our ducks in a row. I will be at the Global Marijuana March in Iowa on May 7, 2011 I hope to see you all there. Let’s get organized at this March, then going forward let’s make a difference and win this once and for all. It is time.

    Posted by Lynnice Wedewer | March 20, 2011, 2:25 pm
    • Wow, I agree with everything you just said. Yes, you and I completely misunderstood each other last year. Everyone thinks I’m working on Senator Bolkcom’s bill, but I’ve never been involved with that bill. I can see how you would have assumed I was working on it. I’m certainly not an expert at everything. I’ve narrowed down my work to what I’m comfortable with and what I can do effectively. I don’t see many people working on getting these administrative boards to recognize the medical science, so that was the perfect fit for me. You sound like you’re going to be an effective advocate is your own way. God Bless!

      Posted by Carl Olsen | March 20, 2011, 7:29 pm
  6. Awesome, glad to see some things were cleared up here. Lynn, as I said before, I was at first skeptical of the story when I couldn’t understand it all. Now it looks like it’s making sense. As always, anything Iowa Patients can do to help, let us know.

    Also, glad to see you’re coming to the march. I should be there as well.

    A quick question. Do you know how Senate Rules work, and the processes and such? I’m going to the capital sometime this week to get a crash course, but if someone knows about it better than I, that’d be great. You can message me on facebook if you have some advice there. There might be something we can use in the rules to force the legislature to look at the issue, if not the specific bill. At least get them on record, potentially. That’s something I’m looking at right now, I just need to do some research first.

    Posted by jsnsoc8 | March 20, 2011, 11:22 pm

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