Green Central Station exclusive!

Is there a currently legal medical marijuana patient in Iowa?

This past Saturday, Green Central Station had a potentially historic interview with 1979 medical marijuana patient Lynnice Wedewer. While she did not testify at the Iowa Board of Pharmacy hearings in 2009, Lynn Wedewer has been a legal medical marijuana patient for over 30 years. She became a patient after she was accepted into a University of Iowa cannabis marijuana study to save her life.

If the Iowa Board of Pharmacy rulemaking language is taken out of the Iowa Code, Lynnice will lose her protection. She is currently fighting her eighth round of cancer. Without marijuana, she will die. Green Central Station plans on holding a press conference at the capital to save this language, and Lynnice’s life, sometime this spring.

Every activist in Iowa should watch this show. For convenience, I have typed up Part 1 of this exclusive, historic interview.

Good job Green Central Station! Keep it up!

NOTE: This is part one of the Green Central Station exclusive. Stay tuned to WeedPress in future days for the rest of the transcript.

This transcript begins at around the 5:00 mark.

Briefly, Lynnice, how did you become part of the medical marijuana program, administered by the U of I. –Ray

“First I should clarify that it was a cancer and a marijuana study. So in regards to when, um, I’d like to actually answer this in two parts. In regards to when, the original study opened in June-July to 1980 to 1981. I was first approached in 1979. I had to wait to begin the study until after my first daughter was born, I was actually pregnant at the time, when they first approached me about it because I had cancer growing with my pregnancy. And this was my second bout with cancer, today I’m walking my eighth dance with cancer. So, within just weeks of her birth, I had started my prescription for the first time, and she was born in march. And so it was sort of, remember I told you, before my testimony, that it was just two weeks before the U of I actually had their prescription ready for me, it took them a little while to get it in. So while I waited for the U of I pharmacy to have their supply to fill my prescription, we had to get it over the counter. And how I became involved, at the time my my medical doctor was Dr. John Reinertson M.D., and he worked for and practiced at the Mercy Hospital Family Practice Center here in my hometown. And while I was in the room, he stepped out of the room, after discussing with us as I said in my testimony, while we were waiting after the original discussion, he called Dr. Martin Wiesenfeld, oncology associates here in my hometown, to see if he would take my case for cancer, and if I would still be able to be put into the study or if it was too late because see the study was getting ready to begin and he wasn’t sure if I would, meet the cutoff, because of the pregnancy. Dr. Wiesenfeld then became my doctor, and I was the last teen — teenager that was allowed into the study. Dr. Wiesenfeld was working with the University of Iowa with a study. See it was sorta like a last ditch effort to save my life.”

So the Board of Pharmacy, they validated the program through the U of I hospitals, or how does that all come into play with that rulemaking process then? – Ray

“The University of Iowa hospital, was, where – yeah, they actually supplied, for quite a period of time, my prescription. My insurance company actually paid for it, so I actually got, my prescription was an ounce a week, and I would actually get it from the pharmacy for a dollar.”

Which, whatever your deductible was, for your insurance, right? – Ray


Just like I pay for my clonazepam. – Jeff

“Yeah, exactly.”

Lynnette, what are your options to obtain marijuana? What is the protocol? – Ray

“The protocol was actually, in the beginning, like I said, we weren’t to obtain it over the counter, or on the street, basically, because the pharmacy didn’t have the supply yet. So two weeks later, it was to get it from the pharmacy, but, we actually had the freedom that you guys don’t have today. We were allowed to actually get it out on the street. We were protected for that, where even the person we were getting it from could not get into any trouble because it was our prescription, and so if they were helping us obtain our prescription, they couldn’t get into any trouble either.”

So they fell into that umbrella as well? – Mike

“And they were also allowed to grow it. Because they realized the therapeutic benefits of growing it.”

For the nonbelievers who may be out there watching, and the Iowa lawmakers that we have presented your story to, what proof can we offer to the claim? – Ray

“Well in my testimony, I offered some images, directly from one of my medical records.”

Thank you. – Ray

“All that prove, I should be, would be in my medical records. In fact, there are some witnesses, some even governmental, that I am sure may be willing to sign affidavits that they knew and had spoke with my doctor, knowing direct knowledge, that I was in those studies, of course my father for one, who is still alive, he had actually helped me smoke it in the beginning, remember I told you I was projectile vomiting, so, he would actually have to help me smoke it and hold my hair so I wouldn’t break my nose.”

It’s very difficult to smoke when you’re doing that. I know exactly where you’re coming from Lynnice. – Jeff

And all this came into play in 1979 when the Board of Pharmacy was given those rule making provisions, correct? – Mike

“Right, right. And it was also governed by federal law, so we were protected from federal law as well as state. One final way I think I might want to express, that I could think of, off the top of my head, would be the US-Hodgkins vaccine hearing, would be another sort of proof, because a few years ago I even sat in on one of them up in Washington DC, and it was the US-Hodgkins vaccine hearings. They still refer to my case, and the original study, by my maiden name.”

Now, Lynnice, would you be willing to come down to the state capital and hold a press conference on the steps? I’ll put it together. – Ray

“Absolutely I would, to figure out regarding the truth, the truth needs to be heard.”

Thank you, thank you. We’re all about the truth and being righteous here at Green Central Station, every individual in this room is. – Ray

So were there any official findings from the study that you were put in? – Mike

“Well, actually, there should be, because a lot of, if you look at anything, like under US Patents, from, I would say 1980, 1981 under that area, you would start to begin to find some of the, they patented these cannibinoids, because of these studies. A lot of people don’t realize that, but the US did, I believe it was the Health Department mabye? They patented cannibinoids…”

Oh right, they have that patent, right, for those specific – Ray

“Oh, they’ve got many of them.”

They’ve got it for antioxidants. Jeff

“Oh, antioxidants, neuroprotective, now did you know, that they found out, that it can’t even hurt, a baby in vitro, they’ve known it since ancient times, that it actually jump starts the brain.”

Now, we’re getting ready to go to break, but I’m going to keep you on for the second segment of the show here. Just one quick question about the protocol? What other provisions, I mean, do they allow you any cultivation or any of that? – Ray

“Well, yeah, they realized, like I told you before, they realized that, you know, having a garden was very therapeutic, you know, and so, you know, they told cancer patients to grow a garden all the time. And, they also realized it was pure, for, medicinal grade, it must be a female whose unfiltered, you know, or, excuse me, unfertilized, so that’s medicinal grade, and then, you also have to realize, that, yeah, and our limit was also better than what they’re offering you guys. I mean, they really…”

All they offer us is jail! That’s the only offer we have! – Ray

“Even they know what you’re saying. But even that bill, they could, they don’t have to be pulled, because they’re male…”

Hey Lynnice we have to go, we’ll be back right after the break. – Mike.


Nice. – Mike



4 thoughts on “Green Central Station exclusive!

  1. Interesting. In part two, Lynn says that they have now doubled her prescription to overcome her tolerance after smoking for thirty years. That means she now gets TWO ounces a week!

    Posted by jsnsoc8 | March 6, 2011, 11:05 pm
  2. This is wonderful information. Thank you.

    Posted by tammar17 | March 6, 2011, 11:52 pm
  3. This is a big deal. This means that there are three, not two, legal patients in Iowa. One of the patients, George McMahon, has a permit to smoke marijuana legally at the Capital from the state of Iowa. Lynette should be able to get one too then.

    Posted by jsnsoc8 | March 7, 2011, 12:52 am

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