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SSDP’s Justin Kander: Man cures cancer with cannabis successfully

I met Justin in Washington DC in early February while attending CPAC 2011 to volunteer for Governor Gary Johnson. Justin has established himself as a respectable activist in Maryland. Here’s his guest column in the The Diamondback Online from the University of Maryland. article . The Diamondback > Opinion Guest column: Alternate treatment By … Continue reading

More Black Americans in US Prison Than Were Enslaved

(Via and The Future of Freedom Foundation) BY MATT COCKERILL AT 12:20PM MAR 30, 2011 This is shocking data. I’m willing to bet that a majority — if not most — of these incarcerations relate to nonviolent “drug offenses” (i.e. non-crimes). If you aren’t a pugnacious opponent of the breathtakingly racist breathtakingly racist War … Continue reading

Weed’s the next big economic boom. Everyone selling weed is broke. What’s going on?

Two recent media articles have given me some food for thought. Let me know what you think. Something isn’t adding up… No money to be made? Tons of money to be made? Definitely does not add up. We’re broke as a country. How does this make you feel? Send comments to

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From the makers of “Cocaine Cowboys:” “Square Grouper”

So excited for this movie. Should be interesting. Saw the preview last year. I’ll do a movie review or something special once it’s released. Notice the lack of violence? Much different than “Cocaine Cowboys.” I wonder why that is… Last Night Rakontur’s Square Grouper Debuts at SXSW Film Festival By Drew Spears, Mon., Mar. … Continue reading

Petition for Declaratory Order: Rescheduling does not mean access!

Thank you to Carl Olsen and Iowans for Medical Marijuana for filing this petition! I cannot hammer this home enough. Hopefully this petition will lay this matter to rest once and for all. There is no reason NOT to reschedule marijuana. That is what the CSA was set up for: flexibility as “new” (eye roll) … Continue reading

Green Central Station interview Part 3

This is the final part of the Lynnice Wedewer’s interview with Green Central Station. Part 3 Alright, going back into the final session of Green Central Station. Thank you Lynnice for being so patient with us here at Green Central Station. — Ray “Oh, no, it’s an honor really, I wish I would have stood … Continue reading

Lynn Wedewer explains her story, part II, on Green Central Station

This is part II of the Green Central Station radio show transcript. ****************** PART 2 ********************* Sorry about that Lynnice, little technical difficulty. – Mike We had a little technical difficulty there, Lynnice. I wanted to set that up as a Q & A session there (part 1), but I think we got through it … Continue reading

Green Central Station exclusive!

Is there a currently legal medical marijuana patient in Iowa? This past Saturday, Green Central Station had a potentially historic interview with 1979 medical marijuana patient Lynnice Wedewer. While she did not testify at the Iowa Board of Pharmacy hearings in 2009, Lynn Wedewer has been a legal medical marijuana patient for over 30 years. … Continue reading

Action needed by Friday!

The Senate Human Resources now has only until Friday, March 4 to act on the bill, before we have to wait until next January to try to move it again. Please, will you use this action link to write to all the members of the committee, and tell your story about how medical marijuana has … Continue reading

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