Medical Marijuana Legislation Reintroduced in Iowa — Contact Your Legislators!


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Medical Marijuana Legislation Reintroduced In Iowa
Legislation that seeks to legalize the physician-supervised use of medical marijuana was reintroduced this week in the Iowa legislature. The bill received subcommittee approval on Thursday, February 24, but must clear Senate Human Resources Committee next week before the March 4 deadline. You can contact the members of this Committee and urge them to vote on the bill prior to next week’s deadline here.

Senate File 266 would authorize qualified patients to use medical marijuana under a physicians’ supervision, and would allow licensed facilities to dispense it. You can read the full text of the bill here.

Fifteen states Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Maine, Michigan, Montana, New Mexico, Nevada, New Jersey, Oregon, Rhode Island, Vermont and Washington and the District of Columbia have enacted laws protecting medical marijuana patients from state prosecution. There is no legitimate reason why Iowa patients should not be afforded these same legal protections.


10 thoughts on “Medical Marijuana Legislation Reintroduced in Iowa — Contact Your Legislators!

  1. The outlaw dispensary portion of this bill troubles me. I would be amazed if Iowa allows non-profit dispensaries without federal authorization. Both possession and distribution of marijuana are federal crimes. If the state repeals its criminal statutes for patients, that is clearly an act of compassion. Allowing non-profit business to operation in violation of federal law is a much bigger leap. One thing is certain, by definition, only criminals will apply to run non-profit dispensaries that are not legal under federal law.

    Posted by Carl Olsen | February 26, 2011, 8:46 am
  2. Subject: Medical Cannabis-Iowa Pharmacy Board

    The Iowa pharmacy board was charged by the Iowa Legislature to determine whether medical marijuana had a place here in Iowa. I sat in on that meeting when they voted unanimously in favor of medical marijuana.

    I was thrilled! Like many others across the state of Iowa, and in fact across the United States, I acquired a medical condition for which “safe” prescription medications cannot be used due to allergic reactions. The “high-risk” medications I must take as the only option to control my condition not only greatly increase the risk of liver cancer and lymphoma, but preclude me from taking any type of pain control medications. For me cannabis makes pain and discomfort manageable.

    14 states already have medical marijuana and when properly controlled Iowa could be the 15th.

    I can have a cigarette (but I don’t smoke), I can have alcohol (I am a social drinker)-both of which often have long-term health consequences but I can’t have cannabis which makes pain and discomfort manageable for me. I have lived, worked, and paid taxes in Iowa for over 30 years and I continue to do so. Yet I must live in fear of a police and legal system that can fine, disgrace and imprison me just because I may possess cannabis.

    For me it just doesn’t make sense.

    I hope you will consider assisting Iowans for medical marijuana, and any other groups that are asking the Iowa Pharmacy Board to reevaluate their Schedule ll decision.

    Posted by gdbajohnson@hotmail.com | March 3, 2011, 9:26 am
  3. SSB 1016 is the pharmacy board bill. It would move marijuana from Schedule I to Schedule II. After this bill is enacted into law, the Schedule II classification can be re-evaluated. Right now, marijuana is still in Schedule I.

    Posted by Carl Olsen | March 4, 2011, 9:16 am
  4. Thanks Carl. I forgot to respond but meant to.

    Don’t confuse the issues. The Iowa Board of pharmacy has a bill, and Iowa Patients has a bill. The Iowa Board of Pharmacy might support our bill, but that’s unknown right now.

    What is known is that rescheduling marijuana will not make marijuana legal. Legislators need to understand that. It’s an important distinction.

    Posted by jsnsoc8 | March 4, 2011, 7:30 pm
    • One thing I know for sure, the Iowa Board of Pharmacy has not taken any position on SF 266 as of today and I don’t forsee them taking a position on it unless you ask them to. And, if you ask me, which most of the people supporting SF 266 don’t, I’d say it would be a mistake to ask the Iowa Board of Pharmacy to support SF 266 because of the neutral position they have taken on HF 183. If the Iowa Board of Pharmacy is neutral on a bill that would place marijuana in Schedule I, what makes you think they would support SF 266? Take a look at the Iowa Medical Society’s postition on it SF 266 if you want to know the position the Iowa Board of Pharmacy will take on it.

      Posted by Carl Olsen | March 4, 2011, 7:49 pm
  5. I am a lifetime sufferer of fibromyalgia. It is progressively becoming intolerable as I am hitting my mid-thirties and the BS the doctors tell me is take a mixture of man made pain killers and get over it. WTF?! Don’t I pay for the same medical care that other Americans do?

    Problem with taking the prescribed pain killers is I also suffer from Celiac Disease and Hypothyroidism. The pills prescribed do not relieve my pain, instead they only add to the pain by making me loopy and non-functional, they add to the already overwhelming nausea and constipation along with adding absolutely zero healing properties. And I pay for these pills? Duly: WTF?!

    Added benefits to cannabis for me is it not only relieves my nausea, allows the pain to become manageable, makes it so I can actually walk, get out of the house and participate in family activities, but it also gives me an appetite; which without [due to the Celiac Disease] I fear I would not eat.

    I am in serious need of reliable pain management along with the other added benefits medical cannabis offers, why must I hide in fear to obtain that which I have a right as a human being and an American Citizen to get.

    Research online for the best relief for people in my condition and you will find that it is medical cannabis. Sadly I can only get this relief in some of my country but not where I live. Do I need to move to another state, taking my revenue and taxes from Iowa to that other state just to get relief? How much logical sense does this make? NONE! But my favorite person always says, “You can not speak logic to illogical people.” She is so right.

    Carl, as I am sure you are more aware and since I have seen your name everywhere in regards to medical cannabis and Iowa; what is the progress of SF 266? Are we going to get medical cannabis legalized in Iowa or should I seriously consider moving to Oregon or another state where it is? What can I and others do to help?

    Posted by Jonesiedoo | April 4, 2011, 11:21 pm
  6. Hi Jonesiedoo,

    Carl is not working on this access bill. Iowa Patients has a separate bill from the Board of Pharmacy’s Bill, which I believe Iowans for Medical Marijuana is working on. Don’t quote me on that though.

    Right now, I cannot tell you what will happen with this bill. I am optomistic; however, politicians seem to be trying to take up “more important” issues, from what I’ve heard.

    I don’t know whether to recommend you move or not. That decision is something I cannot help you on. I also cannot tell you if I think the bill will pass. I can tell you that we are working very hard right now, and there is a lot of momentum on our side.

    If you’re interested, come to the Iowa Global Marijuana March rally at the Capital in Des Moines on May 7th. I’ll be there if you would like to talk with me. We are hoping to be able to announce some news and updates on this bill; however, I cannot say anything concrete at this point in time.

    The Facebook page for the rally is here: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=505827954.

    Also, if you are interested, one of our Directors has fibromyalgia and has been a very vocal in the media about her illness. Her name is Lisa Jackson. I’m sure she wouldn’t mind you talking and sharing information with her. She’s a very nice and caring lady.


    Jason Karimi
    Iowa Patients for Medical Marijuana

    Posted by jsnsoc8 | April 5, 2011, 5:31 pm
  7. Jason,

    I apologize for my lack of knowledge on the 2 separate bills, thank you for the clarity. I will research the differences. I also want to mention I appreciate your professionalism and compassion in response to my frustrations and sarcastic remarks.

    What can I do to help? I would love to speak to Lisa. How would I go about contacting her?

    Again, thank you Jason.

    Posted by Jonesiedoo | April 5, 2011, 9:26 pm
  8. No problem! Most people are confused on the issue. Basically, Carl Olsen’s work has to do with rescheduling marijuana, not access. That’s why we introduced a separate bill. Rescheduling does not give us access. It might help, but no state that has passed medical marijuana bills has taken up the rescheduling issue that I am aware of. Rescheduling does not affect access for patients. Carl can probably give you a better description of his work and bill than I can.

    Thanks for the professionalism comment too. :D.

    You can email me at jkarimi2007@hotmail.com to talk about what you are interested in doing to help. I’ll give you Lisa’s contact info through that channel so as to keep our discussion private and not have her info spread around too terribly much. Anyone else with any questions can email me as well.


    Jason Karimi
    Iowa Patients for Medical Marijuana

    Posted by jsnsoc8 | April 6, 2011, 1:46 am

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