What Iowa’s Medical Marijuana bill says

Just read through the bill at Iowa’s Legislative Tracking website.

Here’s the highlights:

For patients with cancer, glaucoma, HIV, Hep C, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, Crohn’s (ibs), Alzheimer’s, nail patella, chronic pain, cachexia or wasting syndrome (severe nausea) and seizures, including but not limited to epilepsy.
Is not more than two and one-half ounces of usable; six plants per patient.
Caregivers can take care of people, six plants per patient, in closed locked facility. Caregivers can be compensated for their time.
Schools, employers, and landlords cannot discriminate against medical card holders unless it puts them in risk of violating federal law or losing federal contracts or funding.
Can’t be denied rights to see children.
Providing patients with paraphanelia is legal.
Other state patients are recognized under this law.
$5,000 application fee for non-profit dispensary. Can register a place of business and a separate place of cultivation.
No felony drug offenders allowed to be a part of dispensaries.
Dispensaries have to grow cannabis themselves, can’t buy from growers.
Possession of, and application of, a registry card, does not give probable cause for a search warrant.
Allows for medical defense in court.

Looking forward to seeing how the hearing goes tomorrow. Again, 3 pm, Room 22 at the Capitol. If you come, please dress professionally and stick to medical marijuana. This is not the place to talk about hemp and ethanol.

See you tomorrow!



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