Iowa State Police Association Lobbying for Removal of Marijuana From Schedule I

While looking at lobbyist declarations for the Iowa Board of Pharmacy’s SSB 1016 (removal of marijuana from schedule I to two to recognize “medically accepted use in the United States”), I saw something interesting: the Iowa State Police Association, previously “Undecided,” is now “For” the bill.

Senate Study Bill 1016, this year’s annual Iowa Board of Pharmacy bill, includes language to remove marijuana from Schedule I, as authorized by Iowa Code Section 124.201. The Iowa Board of Pharmacy unanimously recommended this change in scheduling following four hearings in 2009 throughout the state, which earned the Board of Pharmacy the Fred T. Mahaffey award from the NABP.

Law enforcement is normally opposed to any law that makes marijuana more accessible. By supporting this bill, they are NOT supporting access. While eventually law enforcement lobbyists might support changing drug laws to take away a major source of funding from criminal enterprises (see: http://www.leap.cc/cms/index.php), this support by the Iowa State Police Association means one thing: they recognize that the medical experts are right. The Iowa Medical Society is also for this bill.

When medical experts spend countless hours reviewing scientific literature, and reach a unanimous conclusion, their recommendation is normally approved. That’s how society works. Experts focus on specific areas, and the medical experts in Iowa have made their determination: marijuana has medical application.

My next question for the Iowa State Police Association is “What is your stance on a medical marijuana program?” I’ll update WeedPress when I find out the answer to this question.

Iowa State Police Association is going to meet next in Urbandale on March 1. I expect to hear back from them by then.

Jason Karimi

Link to bill, and lobbyist declarations:


Michael Heller
For IA. State Police Assn. JANUARY 25, 2011 16:29:46

Paula Feltner
For IA. State Police Assn.



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