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ASA Chapters and Affiliates—

In order to bridge the gap between the work we do on a federal level and the work you all are doing in your respective states, ASA would like to announce monthly chapter calls.

The chapter call serves as a check in to hear the current situation each of you are facing on the ground, and it will be specific to the areas you live in.  Hearing the questions, comments, concerns, and issues you all are facing as they occur will help me put you in contact with the resources ASA has to offer to make your job easier.

ASA National would like to build a strong partnership with our chapters and affiliates so that we can move forward, in solidarity, toward safe access across the country.

We will be using our conference call line to facilitate the calls so that as many people can be on the call as possible.

We would also like to offer state wide listservs that would be announcement only.  These listservs can be used to send out alerts and information to patients and activists across the state in an easy and efficient manner.

Please contact me at with times your group would be available for a call, and if you are interested in a chapter listserv.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Kristen Ford

Americans for Safe Access

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