Archive for Top ten victories in 2010 just listed their top ten victories in 2010. Here’s number 6: 6. CBS backs down from censoring drug-reform ad CBS ran an infamous anti-choice ad from Focus on the Family during the last Super Bowl, but when the drug policy reform group NORML tried to run ads on the company’s Times Square billboards advocating … Continue reading

Take this survey! University of Albany studying cannabis behavior. Took me only ten minutes. Study Description You are being asked to participate in a research study designed to investigate the potential relationship between various personality characteristics, illicit drug use, and other behaviors. The study is being conducted under the supervision of Dr. Mitch Earleywine, Department of Psychology through the University at Albany. If … Continue reading

Iowa BOP: Marijuana on agenda during January 11-12

The Iowa Board of Pharmacy will respond to Carl Olsen’s “Petition Requesting Medical Marijuana Use Rule Making” during their Tuesday, January 11 meeting in Des Moines. The meeting will take place at 400 S.W. Eighth Street, Suite E. The petition is the first item on the agenda and is listed to begin at 9:40 am.

Iowa Patients for Medical Marijuana

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For Medical Marijuana, a New Foe

· Author: Gavin Aronsen December 23rd, 2010 · 1 Comment In his ongoing battle to legalize medical marijuana in Iowa, Des Moines activist Carl Olsen has encountered a new foe: the Governor’s Office of Drug Control Policy (ODCP). For the new legislative session next month, the office plans to propose that the Statehouse remove a … Continue reading

Christian Coalition founder Pat Robertson favors marijuana legalization

  “We’re locking up people that have taken a couple puffs of marijuana and next thing you know they’ve got 10 years with mandatory sentences,” Robertson continued. “These judges just say, they throw up their hands and say nothing we can do with these mandatory sentences. We’ve got to take a look at what we’re … Continue reading

Rescheduling marijuana does not mean legalization

Carl Olsen’s letter to Rep Kevin McCarthy explains the difference between removing marijuana’s Schedule I status, and legalization. “Nobody should be asking why we need to transfer marijuana from Schedule I to Schedule II in Iowa, because the law says that decision should be based on a scientific review of marijuana to be made by … Continue reading

Sign up for monthly chapter calls about safe access to marijuana in your state!

  ASA Chapters and Affiliates— In order to bridge the gap between the work we do on a federal level and the work you all are doing in your respective states, ASA would like to announce monthly chapter calls. The chapter call serves as a check in to hear the current situation each of you … Continue reading

Iowa Board of Pharmacy introduces legislation to reschedule marijuana

The Iowa Board of Pharmacy will introduce legislation to recognize marijuana as medicine this year. Following four medical marijuana hearings around the state, during which medical experts, patients, and concerned citizen gave testimony, the Iowa Board of Pharmacy has agreed that marijuana does have “accepted medical use within the United States.” As is their duty … Continue reading

Attention Students: Start a SAFER campaign this Spring at your school!

The SAFER Campuses Initiative is off to an early start for Spring 2011, and we want to help you get a campaign going on your campus. We’re already helping several campuses get their efforts off the ground, and we’ll continue to help them and others work to change campus policies and spark public debate about … Continue reading

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