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Iowa Office of Drug Control hurts patients

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Today, a press release appearing on titled “Office of Drug Control Policy: Iowa report cites new drug threats, urges action” left a bad taste in my mouth.

I agree that meth and K2 are bad. I agree that marijuana treatment rates are probably higher than ever (considering arrests are higher than ever).

But what I don’t get is…why is our government strategically trying to deny recognizing marijuana’s medical value?

“* Resist efforts to legalize the smoking of marijuana, or to change marijuana’s Schedule I Controlled Substance status in Iowa. ”

I can understand resisting efforts to legalize smoking marijuana…gotta protect dem alcohol industry profits! But to actually resist the Iowa Board of Pharmacy, and the AMA, in their recommendation to remove marijuana from Schedule I is astounding.

Does the Office of Drug Control support sound, scientifically based public policy? Or is there another motivation?

You decide.


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