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The Tenth Amendmend and Cannabis go hand in hand

Grow Freedom. Not Government.

I came across this concept at the other day, and I must say…what a concept.

Freedom. In this country? That’s what this country was founded on! Despite our government’s many shortcomings, we really are blessed to have the best foundation for a country in the history of mankind. But to utilize our Constitutional rights, we must overcome the misinformation age and re-educate ourselves.

Don’t just go to NORML rallies and yell about how great weed is. Preaching to the choir has it’s purposes, but educating yourself about WHY and HOW this country was founded can be extremely useful ammo for the mind-control prohibitionists out there. Now that a former US Surgeon General has endorsed legalizing weed, the arguments against ending prohibition sound more absurd than ever.

So push for freedom. If you like to smoke, then that’s your right. But if you don’t, it’s your right to NOT smoke, as well. Pay attention to what is going on in our government these days. It’s not pretty. Educate yourselves, and “Get up, stand up…don’t give up the fight!”

Jason Karimi



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