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Iowa BOP tomorrow afternoon… The Iowa Board of Pharmacy has done some wonderful work over the past 16 months and Iowans for Medical Marijuana are grateful to the staff as well as each of the individual members of the Iowa Board of Pharmacy. Iowans for Medical Marijuana now ask the Iowa Board of Pharmacy to pre-file legislation for … Continue reading

Call your Senator today to support National Criminal Justice Commission Act

Dear activists, In 2009, Senator Jim Webb (D-VA) and 15 Republican and Democratic cosponsors introduced the National Criminal Justice Commission Act, legislation that would create a bipartisan Commission to review and identify effective criminal justice policies and make recommendations for reform. The House of Representatives and the Senate Judiciary Committee have passed the bill, which … Continue reading

$138,050,017 per year…

That’s what Iowans are estimated to spend this year to fight the Drug War. Yet marijuana is Iowa’s fourth largest cash crop ( This huge potential source of revenue cost us $64.8 million in 2006 to prohibit (, and arrests have only increased since then. The Total Estimated FY 2010 Iowa Substance Abuse & Drug … Continue reading

Cops can use seized drugs to set up other “criminals”

Last year on WeedPress, I posted a Des Moines Register article about a man who was challenging Iowa Narcotics agents, who used previously confiscated drugs to set up Mr. James Edward Banks in a “reverse sting.” ( On October 20, 2010, the Iowa Supreme Court struck down Mr. Banks challenge: What this means is, … Continue reading

Iowa Office of Drug Control hurts patients

Original article and citations can be found at: Today, a press release appearing on titled “Office of Drug Control Policy: Iowa report cites new drug threats, urges action” left a bad taste in my mouth. I agree that meth and K2 are bad. I agree that marijuana treatment rates are probably higher than … Continue reading

Gonzalez v Oregon…remember that Mr. Holder?

Full text of Gonzalez v Oregon is on WeedPress at “In enacting the CSA, Congress made it clear it did *not* intend to preempt the states on the’ issue of drug regulation. Indeed, “[t]he CSA explicitly contemplates a role for the States in regulating controlled substances….” Gonzales v. Oregon “Title 21 USC – … Continue reading

DEA considering rescheduling Dronabinol related products

After reading through the document, I have some questions… Why has the US Attorney General delegated his responsibility of adding or moving scheduled substances to the DEA Administrator? I need to look into how that came to be… The proposed rule change under 21 CFR 1308.13(g)(1)….while it says the amendment is for clarity, why does … Continue reading

The Tenth Amendmend and Cannabis go hand in hand

Grow Freedom. Not Government. I came across this concept at the other day, and I must say…what a concept. Freedom. In this country? That’s what this country was founded on! Despite our government’s many shortcomings, we really are blessed to have the best foundation for a country in the history of mankind. But to … Continue reading

Iowans for Medical Marijuana Press Release: BOP hearing tomorrow!!!!

On the Iowa Board of Pharmacy’s agenda for November 2 is an endorsement of California’s Proposition 19 (legalizing marijuana in California) by former U.S. Surgeon General Joycelyn Elders. Also on the agenda is the Quad Cities Metropolitan Enforcement Group (MEG), which worries that Iowa will become like California. The Iowa Board of Pharmacy must decide … Continue reading

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