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Obama’s speech on 12/2/2009 comments

I happened to catch Obama’s speech this evening, and I heard many things that I wanted to point out to the list as they further show that now is, in my opinion, the best time politically to get things reformed on the issue we all care so much about.

I took some notes, as the speech was boring. The camera on Fox managed to show at least five soldiers falling asleep in the audience.

What I liked from what I heard:

1. He said our country was founded to resist being oppressed, and he mentioned something about not dictating what faith to follow around the world.

2. He also made the distinction between radicals and Islamics. No longer will i have to hear “Islamic regime,” but instead, as he put it, radicals who twist and corrupt the world’s legitimate religions. Legitimate religions, not hate mongering religions. Idealogy was not involved.

3. He said his decision to push forward with the troops was weighed heavily. He said he wants to weigh each issue with the goal of what is best for the nation’s best interest, and not follow ideologies.

4. My favorite…he said something about how he is setting an Iraq War deadline as we cannot fight every damn war to the bitter end. If we can’t achieve our goals in a cost effective manner, then either the means to our wanted end need to be re thought, or abandoned altogether. The parallels with the failed War on Drugs are obvious.

So while I’m sure many people on this list caught the speech, I just wanted to highlight some things I took from the speech as they parallel the issue this list is about. Never, from my limited experience, have we had a President who appears to legitimately want to know the truth on every single issue. I have many criticisms of Obama. But he appears to be applying intelligence and rational, non biased thinking to each issue he approaches. If ever there was the time to approach a President with legalizing marijuana, even if it’s a “non-starter,” it is this man. I’m excited. This as well as the way things have been going this year…it’s coincidental, sure, but insanely inspiring to me. I can’t even imagine what the situation will be in 2012. Maybe the world really will end, at least the world as we know it.



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