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ACLU responds to Holder’s “alarmist” Pre-Prop 19 threat

A copy of the full letter can be viewed here:

Excerpt from the letter:

Recent comments issuing from your respective agencies have
threatened costly litigation and the deployment of federal drug police to
arrest individuals who might use marijuana if Proposition 19 is enacted by
the voters of California. Such comments are unnecessarily alarmist and do
little to help foster a balanced discussion of a legitimate policy issue. We
write to encourage you to refrain from such rhetoric in the days leading up to
the November 2 vote on this issue in order to encourage a reasoned vote on
the issues. Further, in the event Californians adopt the measure, we urge you
not to bring a facial challenge to the new law and to make no change to
established administration priorities focusing on major criminal activity in
favor of new enforcement activities against California marijuana users.
Proposition 19 will let Californians decide whether to change the failed
policy of using scarce state law enforcement resources to prohibit, under
state law, the adult consumption and possession of small amounts of



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