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Watch Mark Emery’s new documentary, “The Principle of Pot”

The first part of the documentary can be found on WeedPress here: Advertisements

THC Ministry mentioned in the New York Times.

AVON, Colo. (AP) — A Colorado man says marijuana is the main sacrament of his religion and a drug charge against him violates his First Amendment rights. The full article can be seen on WeedPress at

Hawaii Call to Action

Commenting on this article will help show how people really feel about this situation, so I figured I’d spread the word a little. Hundreds of Pot Charges filed in 2009: Here’s what’s happening in Hawaii today: —– Forwarded Message —- From: Friends for Justice Today the Council is considering “clarification” new Lowest Law Enforcement … Continue reading

Time4Hemp site updated! New potcasts and other things!

I just got an email about Time4Hemp’s site getting a new facelift. Email can be read here Time4Hemp Potcasts, while I haven’t had time to listen as much as I’d like, are pretty damn good. Funny, informative, good music…if there was a “like” button on wordpress, it’d go right here. Cheerio!

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