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New times, new policies, yet old thinking by (some) US Politicians

Jason Karimi

Sunday, January 31, 2010

3:11 pm

A couple days ago, this article ( appeared in The Washington Post, giving further attention to the fact that the War on Drugs is rapidly being recognized as a Failed War by world leaders.

Yet Amazing America, as per usual, is behind the times on forward thinking issues. As fierce opposition to medical cannabis laws continues, even in California (where experts cannot even find any harm that has come to the state from being the first state in the nation to have medical laws), other countries are no longer afraid of the United States tough stance on international drug laws. Maybe that has something to do with the fact that the US is quietly retreating (, maybe it’s just politics, or maybe it’s smaller countries agreeing to band together against further tyrannical “direction” from the US.
Either way, times sure are changing fast, and I’m glad to have a progressive, open minded President in office. Hopefully he doesn’t screw it up as bad as the last guy. Time to clean up Washington, get the old people into retirement homes with large golf courses (black people now acceptable, thanks to Obama), and let a new generation lead this world. Hopefully we won’t screw it up as bad as those Reefer Madness folks.



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