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Mother Gives Son Marijuana To Treat His Autism – ABC News

This was forwarded to me in an email today that originated with

This story has been reported before, and some information can be found on WeedPress under the “Science — Illnesses –Autism” heading at the top of the page.

FWD: Mother Gives Son Marijuana To Treat His Autism – ABC News

No matter what side of this issue you are on, please please please watch this youtube video.
When you are done, ask yourself, what would you do if this was your child, friend or family member?
How would you get medical marijuana if you needed it?
Would you want to have safe access with out the threat of arrest or public ridicule?

Medical Marijuana legalization leads to more, much need, medical research.  The medical possibility of this plant, that has never killed anyone, is unlimited.
Medical Marijuana takes the place of many many expensive & toxic prescription drugs, and it does so with no long term side effects.
According to AMA, ACLU, AARP, ANA and several others, here are many conditions that can be treated with medical marijuana.  Do you have any idea how many prescription drugs are on the market for these diseases/conditions?  It is no wonder the pharmaceutical industry lobbies against legalization legalization.
Diseases / Conditions

Recent research suggests that naturally occurring compounds in cannabis (medical marijuana) possess anti-tumor properties.

Won’t you join the cause?   Here’s how.  The 3 leading activist groups are:

Americans For Safe Access ASA
Marijuana Policy Project MMP
Go to TaxCannibus2010 to support important legislation that will be on the ballot this November.

Most important, forward this to everyone you know. Education leads to understanding and compassion which leads to Safer Access and more reasearch.

Mother Gives Son Marijuana To Treat His Autism – ABC News

Thanks you, Jennelle

This is just amazing, and a great story of a truly courageous mother trying to get her child the best medicine for his individual medical condition available. Regardless of the legal issues surrounding this case, no one in there right mind could possibly say that this mother doesn’t care for her child.  Good for you, Miss Hester Perez. Hopefully you won’t be arrested and have your child taken away from you.



One thought on “Mother Gives Son Marijuana To Treat His Autism – ABC News

  1. Medical Marijuana as treatment for Autism. November 23, 2009 ABC Good Morning Show.

    Given the many challenges involved in raising an autistic child, parents are willing to try a variety of potential remedies, many of which are controversial and unproven.
    A mother discusses how marijuana saved her autistic son’s life.

    But one potential treatment that has gained attention recently is one that was controversial well before its first mention in connection with autism.

    “At first I did some research, and I found a doctor who actually had a protocol for medical marijuana in children diagnosed with autism,” Mieko Hester-Perez of Fountain Valley, Calif., told “Good Morning America.”

    Hester-Perez made her decision to try giving her 10-year-old son, Joey Perez, medical marijuana after his weight had become dangerously low due to his unwillingness to eat. She said that at the time she began the approach, he weighed only 46 pounds.

    “You could see the bones in his chest. He was going to die,” she said.

    “The marijuana balanced my son,” said Hester-Perez, noting that she has never used marijuana herself. “My son had self-injurious behaviors. He was extremely aggressive, he would run out of our house… he was a danger to himself and others.”

    But just hours after she gave him one of the pot-infused brownies, she said she could see a change — both in his appetite and demeanor.

    Copied and pasted from the YouTube link information.

    Posted by jsnsoc8 | January 30, 2010, 6:41 pm

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