Update on the MPP Scandal…missing information, whoda thunk

By Jason Karimi

Friday, January 28th

12:16 p.m.

So apparently, High Times and the WashingtonCityPaper blog didn’t have all their facts straight before printing the MPP Sex Scandal coverage.

Whoda thunk.

But thanks to a personal friend of Mr. Kampia’s, further details of the night have come to light, some of which are too personal to repeat. However, it appears that the young women involved in the night of the incident changed her version of the story at least one time, according to an internet poster named “Josh” who claims to be a personal friend of Mr. Kampia. Why “Josh” is divulging the kind of details he is not quite certain, but it’s obvious that there is much more to this story than what High Times originally printed. Much more.

Kampia’s libido and actions are no secret at the MPP, according to insiders, but that night was most likely consensual. This is yet another scandal where the media, after a night where ALCOHOL influenced bad decisions, printed a story without getting all the facts straight. It’s too bad it was High Times who had to print the article. They normally have pretty good journalistic integrity.



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