Roger Federer worried about Murray after trouncing Tsonga

Jason Karimi

January 29, 2010

4:10 p.m.

I just got done watching the post game interview after Roger Federer swept Jo-Wilfried Tsong in an easy match. And while I know this blog is supposed to be dedicated to political issues surrounding cannabis law, I really don’t feel like starting a whole other blog to rant about my sports opinions. HOWEVER.

While watching the post game interview of Federer, and hearing his articulate, quick responses to the reporter’s questions, I had to laugh. Federer is taunting Andy Murray, because….Federer is worried he may not win!!

Federer is one of the best. And in my opinion, he is one of the best because he is humble. He just wants to play good tennis, and have his talent challenged. However, his superiority has a lot of challengers these days (ahem, Nadal?) and Federer doesn’t like to lose.

So, in the post game interview aired on ESPN2 just now, Federer said he expects the “beginning to be crucial, for him, not for me.” (paraphrased). After talking about how amazing he is at tennis, and how it’s very hard to beat him (yet humbly praising the player he just finished tromping into the ground effortlessly), Federer is trying to get into the head of Andy Murray and cause him to waste his energy in the opening leg.

Because, you see, that’s how Federer operates. It’s not a big secret, one of the sports analysts covering the event even told Federer’s secret talent. It’s called thinking.

Federer plays a 5 set match like a soccer player, a marathon runner, Lance Armstrong (when he’s on a bike)…smart, and calculating. And in a 5 set match, you’re in it for the long run, also like a soccer player or marathon runner (Lance on a bike too). And by bragging about his own skills and taunting Murray to give it all he’s got from the beginning, Federer is showing his true feelings about the match….he’s worried.




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