Weekly Weedpress Update

Weekly Update

How this blog will run

By Jason Karimi

Thursday, January 28

So it appears a few people have started reading this blog. That’s exciting, but it’s not even set up completely yet!!

So, the bulk of the information I have posted on this blog is from a collection of private notes I have collected over the past year or so while doing my best to learn all I can about the goods and the bads of cannabis. I started researching this to determine whether or not cannabis really was good for me and helping me, as I have said from day one, ever since my first arrest while a freshman at Iowa State University after my dealer got narced on and told on me when being raided by the DEA.

Along the way I discovered that cannabis is actually the best medicine for my situation, and that the only truly harmful thing to come of my using it is the legal ramifications.

I will continue to post the latest news as I read about it, as that’s what I spend the majority of my down time doing, reading and researching and discussing. Might as well make it public. I will post news stories, and try to summarize them, as a lot is going on around the country this year with reform (24 states with medical bills, 4 discussing legalization bills, every state buzzing in general!!) and keeping up with all this information is making me dizzy. INFORMATION OVERLOAD!! It’s great news, but there’s a lot of work to do, and the best thing I can do is to try and stay informed. Hopefully others will be able to use this blog to help them stay informed, too. Either way, 2010 is a great year for cannabis reform, and I’ve gotten involved a little at the perfect time. I’m lucky, really. So, let’s make history! (Or at least watch it happen with our mouths open. ) 😀

I will try to write two articles to summarize the important events/scandals/losses/victories as they happen so I can both make sense of this mess and help others make sense of this mess…if it’s even possible. The law, the science, the politics, is so complex and confusing that it almost seems like it was purposeful. But who knows. Either way, it’s a damn blast to learn about, and I can’t wait to see just how much this blog helps me to continue learning and (trying) to understand the issues as they are today. Peace and one louve all!



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