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Virginia medical push shot down

Bills to change Virginia marijuana laws will not go into effect


The bills sponsored by Gloucester Delegate Harvey Morgan went before the House Court of Justice Committee on Wednesday.

Most expected Harvey Morgan’s marijuana bills to be dead on arrival – but it took nearly two hours for a house subcommittee to kill them.

The anticlimactic outcome is crushing for dozens of marijuana supporters in Richmond Wednesday.

From a dying AIDs patient defending marijuana for treatment, to a retired police officer testifying that alcohol is always more dangerous than weed.

“Marijuana generated zero calls, zero calls during my 18 years,” said a retired police officer.

But opposing delegates seemed disinterested and annoyed at most of the bills’ wording.

“Are we then, in fact lowering the penalty for selling marijuana on school property?”

Researchers argued for reducing penalties for simple marijuana possession, saying it could save police and prosecutors a lot of money.

“Unfortunately, minds were already made up,” said Harvey Morgan, Gloucester delegate.

Morgan is not surprised, yet still disappointed his bills failed. As a pharmacist, he hopes his intentions are clear.

“I never used it, have no desire to use it. But I think the penalty should fit the crime.”

Morgan says he will bring his bills back, and hopes the conversation he helped start today might one day lead to more reasonable marijuna laws.



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