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Arrests Made in Pot Brownie Case

Updated 5:00 PM PST, Wed, Jan 27, 2010

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Union City police say they know who made five high school students sick last week.

They announced late Wednesday the arrest of two men who they say sold the marijuana which ended up in a batch of brownies that made the Logan High School students sick.

Union City police say they arrested two suspects on marijuana charges.

Union City police arrested an 18-year-old Union City resident for possession of marijuana. He was not a student at Logan.
They also arrested was a 17-year-old Conley-Caraballo High School student after school administrators found him on campus with marijuana brownies, a pipe, and bags of marijuana. They said he intended to sell both the brownies and the pot.

Over three days last week, five students, who admitted to eating brownies, showed signs of being under the influence or became sick on campus.

The students are a 9th-grade female, two 10th-grade males, plus a junior and a senior male.

Police said Wednesday tests on the two students who were sick enough to be hospitalized indicated only marijuana was present in their system.  That takes away the fear of parents who were worried the children might have ingested something even more dangerous than pot.

Police said they learned of the illnesses after receiving information from an automated telephone message last Friday to all high school and middle school parents in the District.

All of the student have since recovered.

First Published: Jan 27, 2010 4:46 PM PS



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