Class Action Lawsuit

January 21, 2010

Hello Everyone (Arthur Livermore, R.Cullen Stewart, Brian Krumm, Al Byrne, Michael Long, Kay Lee, Dr. Lester Grinspoon, Dick Cowan, MaryLynn Mathre, Richard Schimelfenig, Michael Krawitz, Carl Olsen, Dr. Bob Melamede and Dale Gowin)

I think most of you know that right before the beginning of the New Year, Larry Hirsch died. He had been suffering with both congestive heart failure and also terrible pain from lesions on his hands. His fondest hope was that someday he would again be active in the campaign for the freedom of cannabis. But that was just a dream as Larry was a really sick man over the past five years or so.

Larry was the driving force and the author of the Class Action against the U.S. Government for its Prohibition of Therapeutic Cannabis over a decade ago. We were mobilized by the sheer justice of that lawsuit. We were crushed when it was dismissed so unjustly. Many courageous plaintiffs have since died. Some are in prison. Some are still active. Some are not.

This letter is to request that you donate anything at all that you may still have concerning the Class Action Lawsuit since all official documentation of that moment in history is lost. It can be forwarded to Dale Gowin plaintiff # 22, Class Action editor and friend. He has volunteered space on his website as well as his own time and expertise in putting together an appropriate memory to the history of the Class Action. (or to Dale Gowin, Luminist Publications, POB 35091, Syracuse, NY 13235)

I am sending this letter to just the very few people who I know would want to participate and may well have some documents or pictures or letters that should be posted. If you know anyone who might also be willing to help – by all means – please forward this request.

Thank you for any contributions.
In Friendship, Joan Bello



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